The Resources of the UAE                                                                     


  Land in the UAE can be summed up in one word; oil. from the mining to the exploration to maintenence and servicing of the machinery that produces oil,  a huge quantity of the economy is dependant on this natural resource that was discovered in the early 1950's. Other uses for land include agriculture wich produces enough food to sustain its own population except for grain wich must be imported. Alhtough there is much land that can be used for alternitive purposes, the cost of using that land for any purposes other than the production of oil would not be as profitable, thus would be an inefficient use of resources.

    The population  is roughly 4.7million with nearly 20% bieng Emerti citizen. This ranks The UAE 1st in net migration rate and population growth(cia factbook), with Arab, Iranian, South Asian and other expatriates making up the rest of the population.
    The relationship between the ruling class Emeriti and the neary 80% that make up the workforce is a tenuous to say the least as pay differences vary by wide margins. That is not to say that the countries that represent the expatriates(i.e. Iran and India) don't fully support thier expatriate programs. On the contrary, the income provided from UAE employment is a welcomed supplement to many international economies. This fact has lead many countries to encourage thier own labor force to emigrate to the UAE to secure employment that thier own countries might not have, and to the send much of that income back to the country of origin. the logical conclusion bieng that the UAE has the number one net migration rate in the world(ciaworldfactbook).

    In recent years the UAE has taken drastic investment risks in order to diversify thier economy. With the contruction of new hotels and resorts as well as petroleum and amonia and urea plants the UAE is planning a future that is not so heavily dependant on oil.   (encyclopedia brittannica)

 Entrapranurial Ability
      Lax financial regulations and free trade zones offering 100% ownership and zero taxes make the UAE one of the most liberal financial hubs in the Middle East. Combined with a growing labor force and an ever increasing standard of living, that makes the UAE a seemingly positve destination for investors.(cia factbook)