The UAE and the quest for nuclear power

  The UAE is looking more and more into the distinct possibility of changing one of it's main resourses and sources of revenue; oil.
  According to the article "Abu Dhabi Probes Nuclear Power"(BloombergBuisinessWeek) the UAE is researching the possibility of committing more capital to invest in nuclear energy as a source of power instead of using oil to fill the needs of it's own consumption. This would be a drastic resource change as more oil could be sold for profit instead of spending the money to refine it and actually losing proifit on domestic consumption. 
Looking at oil in terms of its alternate uses for the UAE puts a whole new spin on the actuality of oil. If the UAE can sell oil at a higher price than it would cost to refine and consume it within it's own country, wouldn't it be prudent to find other energy sources to supply it's own citizens? Nuclear energy, although a long and costly process (and controversial) would be a perfect long term solution.